Academy to the Aspiring Makeup Professionals in DMV


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720 Grant Street Suite E,
Herndon, Virginia 20170

13 Week Certified Makeup Artistry Program:

Makeup Artistry Certification Course 

Class Structure is Live-Demo and Practice Class 




Week 11

Advanced Smokey /Cat Eye & HD High Definition Makeup

Week 13

Photoshoot and Graduation

  • Setting up your station : Control of infections

  • Foundations, concealers, primers (makeup kit)

  • Types of Foundations

  • Brushes Description

  • Foundations mixing and matching / Consulting the client

  • Skin Prep & Type

  • Eye Shadow Placement

  • Blending Techniques

  • Blush Application


Week 2

Contour & Highlight, Blush and Eyebrows

  • Makeup through the ages 1920s, 1930s, 1940s, 1950s, 1960s.

  • Face Shapes

  • Understanding Undertones

  • Highlighting & Contouring Techniques

  • Corrective Makeup 

  • Backing

  • Eyebrow Shaping Techniques

  • Different techniques to achieve Cat Eyes and Colors

  • Eye Shadow application and eyelashes. Different types for eyes

  • Classic Cat Eye vs. Glam

  • Shimmer & Matte Colors: when and where to utilize them

  • Different techniques to achieve soft natural Smokey Eyes

  • Glam "Red Carpet" look wing liner and the Perfect Red Lip

  • Dew Skin vs. Matte

  • Learn how to make a Contract

  • Discover your Bride

  • Understanding how to work with Photography & Lighting

  • Bridal Makeup

  • How to differentiate makeup from Brides and Bridesmades

  • Understanding OF TREND cut crease, helo eye, half cut crease, etc.

  • Working with different mediums, glitter pigments, paints, etc. Understanding how to work with Photography & Lighting

  • Color Theory


Mature Skin and Men's Makeup

  • Mature Skin Do's and Dont's 

  • Understanding men makeup and grooming




Working in the Fashion World

  • Finding Inspiration

  • Create your own canvas

  • Social Media, IG, Facebook, Snap Chat & Twitter

  • Understanding Couture & Avant-Garde Make-up

  • Blocking out Eye Brows

  • Working with different mediums, glitter, pigments, paints, etc.

  • Fantasy Competition Day

  • Winner will be chosen!

  • Advanced blending techniques and nude lips

  • Working with bright colors

  • Combinations of Advanced Techniques

  • Create your Favorite Look utilizing everything you've learned! 

  • Graduation!!!